As I continue to strive towards this life of equilibrium that I have spoken about before in other posts, I become more clear.  I become more clear about the stuff, activities, and thinking that gets me clogged up and down.  At times I struggle with anxiety mixed in with a bit of depression.  I am sure it is something that all of us have to contend with at least time to time.   When I incorporate exercise and eating well, laughing a lot, spending time with my family, spending some time with friends, contributing in a meaningful way I feel better.  I don’t just feel better but I feel lighter, clearer, and happier.  I also feel I can navigate through days that are mostly unchartered with more grace and ease.

Wow. How wonderful is that!  Right now, as I feel my commitment to this way of life deepen, I am coming to terms with the fact that the place I am heading towards isn’t a place but a way of being, a process.  I don’t mean to sound abstract, but there are always things we need to be letting go of:

My son had his first stay in the hospital.  He consumed candy that had peanut butter in it the Sunday before Halloween.  He has a severe allergy, and despite the best efforts to check all the candy, one piece slipped through. He is fine and this is a completely manageable allergy.  However, it also means he had to go on steroids for the fourth time in his life (he is only 4 and a half).  I hold concerns about what these heavy  drugs can do to such a young body.  We went to see a Health Coach.  She is guiding us on how to alter his diet and energy to help his body heal.  What an incredible process.

Before this all happened we knew to avoid certain foods and to eat healthfully.  We also already have one family member that does not consume dairy or wheat.  Our Health Coach is helping us to eliminate these food items from the entire household for at least four months.  My son loves cheese, he loves bread, he loves pizza. Truth be told, so do I.  I expect to be fully humbled.  I expect to learn a lot about flexibility from him.  I expect that the benefits of these lifestyles choices will be great.  I expect it to not be easy.

But, I also expect my/gratitude practice will deepen as a result.

Thank you, Natalie.

Has anyone else out there been here?

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