What is Parent Coaching?

IMG_0832Parent Coaching…


a guided walk wherever your life is.

In case you are wondering that might mean,


you can think of it…


as a way to determine strengths and to discover what is currently working right now, in spite of any difficulties.  Also, parent coaching is a way to connect to the best in yourself and children helping to revitalize your energy and confidence as a parent. Then, as help to get clear on where you want to go and to design the steps to get there.




as partnering with an expert on developmental stages, the latest in relevant research ( brain, nutrition, etc), and family and personality dynamics to help parents be grounded in the practicalities of parenthood while staying aligned with their personal values.


A parent coach will consider all the pieces in play from individuals to routines.  The coach increases awareness as parents move forward.  Often small changes result in great benefits.  From session to session, the parent chooses the direction to take and the action steps to get there, but the coach guides them along the way.


Wondering about the parent coaching process?  What do others have to say about coaching?


If you are still not sure if parent coaching is right for you, let’s talk.  We can discuss your situation, go over the options (coaching, therapy, or counseling) so you can decide what makes sense.






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