We try to make the best decisions we can. We changed our diet. We moved our son to a neighborhood school so he could walk and make friends with the kids who live nearby. We actively participate in our community of friends giving help and support whenever we can knowing that our turn will come too. We intentionally make time for our family and guard that time. I turn off my electronics at specific times of the day. I read many different kinds of books. I could go on…

I know someone else who made the best decisions she could:  one of the members in my parent coaching cohort. She had become a good friend over the past couple of years. She was quiet and full of faith. She was kind and gentle. She also was a fierce advocate of her younger son. She touched our group.

Her coaching practice was focused on combining parent coaching with nutritional healing. She had taken a course on natural healing at the same time she was doing her parent coach training. This woman was a determined and she persevered through many, many obstacles.

Two weeks ago she passed away after a short hard fought with cancer.

I want to her honor her life by saying something to all of us who may be faced with circumstances that are beyond our control. All of us who are able to summon a sense of courageousness and purpose when so much can distract and tear us apart. So here we are, brought to our knees as a group. Wondering where the sense is in all of this, and wanting each other together again in the same room.

We have found that while we don’t have any answers, we do have each other. We can listen, we can still live and love to the best of our ability. We know that much of what happens we don’t understand. Some of it will bring us great joy. Some of it will bring us great pain.

There are no guarantees. The pages are not yet written. This is a call to be present. Take nothing for granted. Appreciate all. Thank you Allison for crossing our paths for a little while.

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