My good friend introduced me to this idea of the “medium” chill.  He has observed some of his friends pouring everything they have into their careers and earning money.  The thought is then they will be able to retire at a relatively young age and experience the “big” chill.  My friend has a different take.  He and his wife have decided he should be a stay at home dad.  He thinks of it as living the “medium” chill.  He and his wife have made a commitment to have at least one parent with their children until they are school age. In the meantime he is piecing together the next step in his career.  His goal in a career is  one that allows for the balance of doing work that contributes to the greater good, he enjoys and finds challenging, and allows him time with his family.

Does this sound crazy?

I am discovering more and more people who are interested in the “medium” chill.  People who want time with their children and family now and later.  People who aren’t necessarily interested in stopping “work” at a designated age.  When I talk with people who are building their lives around these concepts, I realize that these are people who want to live in the present moment and embrace all aspects of their lives.  They also realize that there are no guarantees and that makes the choices they make count even more.

I find great joy in constructing my life in a similar fashion.  The joy comes from not feeling that one aspect of my life is being ignored, but continuing to strive to be better and learn more.  The joy comes from embracing the challenges and the easy moments. It is not just about opposite moments, but it is also about intentionality.  It is about the clarity of my vision for myself and being aware of the choice I have to make about that vision.

Sometimes people tell us how it is supposed to go.  You know, we grow up, go to college, get a job, have kids and raise them while we work, retire, etc.  Maybe this is the path that works for you and your family, and maybe it isn’t.  I guess I just want to challenge you to consider if you are embracing all the aspects of your life that you want to, and if not, what needs to be moved around so that you can?

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