Does that sound good?  As we enter into the busyness of the holiday season, we can embrace the opportunity to refocus.  Whatever you celebrate at the end of the year, it is a good time to evaluate and make some choices.

In our house this has started with the toys.  Seems simple enough. One of them is old enough to start thinking about how he can give.  We went through all the toys.  If it the toys were incomplete, then they got tossed.  If they were complete then they either stayed on the shelf, went into the donation bin, or into storage (to come out later when we rotate the toys or when the younger one will be interested in that particular toy).

The result of this not so painless process, maybe it will get easier in the future, was organized shelves. The kids could now clearly see what was available to them.  They also knew whichever toy they chose would be complete and in working order.  The bigger consequence of this are children who independently play.

When we moved to decorate for Christmas, we realized this cleaning out had the unexpected consequence of preparing the house for the Christmas decorations.  It has also set the kids up for the holiday season, in a little way.  Without doubt more toys will come pouring into the house.  Their birthdays are not far behind.  Instead of buying a bigger house, or living in crowded chaos we are trying to help our children be a little intentional about their things and about their space.

We can give away the things we are not using.  We can make choices about the things we keep around.  I think, while not our favorite thing on the list to do, it is important to “clean the shelves” so to speak.  It gives us the chance to re-evaluate on a physical and metaphorical level what we want to keep around.  It provides us with the opportunity to stay focused on what is most important in our lives and I think it is probably good Feng Shui.

As you and your family move into the holiday season, what choices are you making to keep things simple? to maintain a focus?

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