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The Love and Logic approach is fun and easy! Using plenty of real life stories, examples and stand-up comedy, the authors make this a program that parents really enjoy. When parents learn in an entertaining, non-threatening atmosphere, they’re far more likely to beg for more training!

This six-session class provides parents the skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about their children. As they learn more, they’ll discover that parenting really can be enjoyable…and that they can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing their children’s love.

Class Outline

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Often times, while we are taking care to manage the routines and schedules,preparing healthy meals, and meeting our children’s needs, we forget to take care of and nurture ourselves. It is essential that parent’s needs are being taken of: by themselves and by others. When parent’s needs are met, a healthier,happier family is a result.

In these facilitated discussions, you will learn how you can become more aware of the support you currently have, develop a vision for yourself and your family, and start the steps to get where you want and need to be. You will also explore the concept of “self-renewal” and why having a practice of “self-renewal” is important to your parenting journey, for yourself and your children. This is the work of “organizing for miracles.” When we are able to hold space for our children and ourselves, then it is possible to discover how our lives can move at a manageable pace and we feel better connected to our spouses, our children and ourselves. Begin the journey!

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Raising children is both challenging and rewarding. The task of parenting is never-ending and the time seems to go so quickly. As children grow up, the demands placed on parents only increase. Yet, somehow parents expect that raising children is something they should be able to navigate without any outside support. As parents build lives and homes for their children, the expertise of a certified parent coach and the support from other parents can play an important role in the unfolding life of a family. This class will help you to refine your parenting skills and strategies, clarify YOUR deeply held values and core beliefs,and align your lifestyle choices. The result for the parents is more confidence and reassurance that no matter what stage the family is in, they will feel completely empowered to meet their family’s needs.

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Our world is increasingly filled with “screens” like TVs, computers, tablet computers, smart phones, and various types of video games. While all of these things make our lives easier, more connected and fun, they are not always necessary for the optimal development of our children. If you are interested in learning about what more you can do than “just turn off the TV”, then this is the class for you! You will learn about the types of activities that keep our kids connected, creative, and engaged over four sessions. The best part is doing these things also supports the learning that happens at school!

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