Questions and Answers

Who is parent coaching for?

Coaching is for parents who:

  • are experiencing an issue, transition, or new stress with children, self or family and aren’t quite sure how to deal with it,
  • are looking to partner with a professional who can help guide them to the vision they hold for their family,
  • or have tried so many different things but are still looking.

Who is parent coaching not for?

Coaching is not for parents who:

  • are in crisis and need some kind of therapeutic intervention,
  • just need to vent, but not yet open and willing to making changes,
  • or need a quick fix and want to be told what to do versus putting the time and commitment into a life changing experience.

Where is the coaching done?

Coaching sessions are done over the phone. Phone sessions work very well because of the flexibility they afford.

Should my partner join me in the coaching sessions?

Couples coaching is certainly an option.  It is always a good thing to grow the partnership you and your spouse share.  However, this is not necessary to have a transformational experience.

What ages should my kids be?

If you are a parent or a parent to-be, then your kids are the right age! Coaching is beneficial for parents of kids at any age.

What sorts of concerns could be addressed through coaching?

  • general feelings of being stressed or disorganized
  • fixing the balance between work and family
  • communication between family members
  • concerns with school/homework
  • issues around special needs
  • discipline issues
  • planning for the future
  • behavior issues like sassing, yelling, tantrums, picky eating, oppositional, etc.

How often and long does coaching happen?

Coaching can happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on what will work best for your schedule.  A minimum of 8 sessions is recommended for those seeking a life changing transformation.