This morning I gave my first workshop on self-care for parents.  I had a couple of interesting insights as a result.  Starting something new is not always easy.  Many things can get our way.  One can be our readiness to change.  Another could be our willingness to take the action steps necessary.  So in terms of growing your self-care practice I want to offer up the metaphor of a garden.  After deciding you want a garden, you need to find the space for it.  At which point you prepare the soil.  The act of preparing soil first involves removing anything that is currently growing in that patch of land, then loosening it up and then adding some nutrients.

In the context of this metaphor, I want to share with you my thoughts on what may be helpful for you to prepare your soil:

One is start a daily gratitude practice.  A daily gratitude practice could be a list you add to on a daily basis.  At the dinner table, everyone could share three things from that day they are grateful for.  The importance of getting into a habit of gratitude is high.  Being grateful means we become increasingly aware of the abundance we are currently experiencing.  It also helps us to think about others and to get us our of our heads.

Consider what you are currently doing to take of your self.  We may not be aware until we take the time to think about it, all the things we do already that are self-care.  They don’t have to be big things like a monthly massage.  It could be as little as not rushing breakfast, or putting clean sheets on the bed.

Remove the obstacles.  When you think about what you would like to be doing for self-care compared to what you are doing, consider what might be standing in your way.  There could be physical limitations that involve space.  You need to clean out the garage or the basement.  An obstacle coule lie in how you are currently scheduling your time. Another obstacle could be found in an unfinished or put-off task that is draining your energy.

However you decide to move forward in building a self-care practice, I strongly recommend you do.  A strong self-care practice is a win for you, it is a win for your spouse, and it is a win for your kids.  It is what you do so that the world gets the best you can be.

I would love to hear from you and how you would prepare your soil.


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