My life has changed ten-fold since I began the parent coaching with Lisa.  She was able to help me define goals for myself and for my family and held me accountable for moving my life forward in the direction I wanted to go.  I look back at the time before I started coaching with Lisa and can hardly believe where I am now.  It has been an amazing journey.

T.D. Milwaukee, WI

I had the privilege to work with Lisa Reinhardt over a period of 4 months, receiving coaching over the phone in one hour sessions. We worked through several issues I was struggling with in my personal and professional life.  Ms. Reinhardt was very supportive and assisted me in setting and achieving several goals which have greatly improved my quality of life and level of happiness. I gained tools which I can continue to use throughout the challenges of my life. I would highly recommend the parent coaching experience with Ms Reinhardt if you are looking for some support or just some clarity.

                        M.N. Eden Prairie, MN 

When it came to my parenting skills, I knew that something needed to change:  I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to do it on my own. Lisa helped me recognize the things I’ve doing well, which has been very empowering for me, as my inner critic tends to focus on all of the things that I’d felt I should improve upon.

                        S.O. Milwaukee, WI 

Lisa and I have been working together for the past several months as my life as a parent undergoes a major transition – preparing for twins! With insightful questions and conversations she helped me to focus my thoughts and energy on the things I would need to do to prepare my home and myself for welcoming two new members to our already busy family. Her help has been instrumental in creating specific goals and moving steadily towards them. I feel calm, confident, and excited for this new chapter in our lives in a way that I couldn’t have achieved on my own.

C.R. Cedarburg, WI

Lisa was an amazing coach. I had no idea what I would get out of it and wouldn’t have liked too much structure. She met me where I was at, allowed our conversations to follow what I discovered were the most important things going on in my parenting life, and helped me to recognize the gifts and strengths of my children instead of focusing only on the struggles. I had insights with her that I know are deep-seated and will carry me forward in my parenting journey even when our conversations are long over.

A.S. Milwaukee, WI