When it comes to toilet-training or “toilet awareness”, we have developed a laid back approach in this house.  We put the potty chairs out early enough so the kids got used to them.  We also have an open-door policy on going to the bathroom and we get very excited about going to the bathroom.

When each of our kids were old enough we would start putting them on the potty to go.  They may or may not go.  It might take a couple of minutes or a really really long time.  Either way was fine (mostly).  When the child started to understand more about what was going on, we got more and more regular.

While all of this was going on, they were learning how to dress themselves, mostly pants.  The changing table would disappear.  Changing would happen standing up, etc.

With our son, this was going along smoothly. His childcare provider helped with the process as well.  Then after a few months of this, we went to Florida for a week just after he turned two.  When we came back there were no more diapers.  He had a few accidents.  We were all in training.  All in all though it went fine. Things were going just as smoothly with our daughter, when she decided, three days before our road-trip to Tennessee, to give up her diapers.  Hmmm.  Well, ok.  While we put her in a diaper for the long days of driving, she spent the trip in her underwear and going to the bathroom quite well.  We came home and it continued.


The thing about these developmental stages is that they can happen in bursts.  Now, that she is toilet trained, my daughter is sleeping all the way through the night and most days she actually sleeps in!!! She is doing EVERYTHING herself, so now it all takes that much more time.  She can open and close doors.  She can communicate more and more effectively.  This is all good, right?  So, I am in the habit of taking a 5-10 minute nap when I put her to sleep after lunch.  For the past several days now, she has asked me to leave.  She says, “I love you.  Goodnight.”  My daughter is kicking me out and I couldn’t be more proud!

Have your children had these bursts of developmental milestones? What are your toileting stories?  I look forward to hearing from you!

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