You may or may not have noticed I have been offline for the past couple of months.  Sometimes that is going to happen.  As I navigate through getting my message out to the world in the limited amount of time I have to commit to my work activities, I will be drawn away from my desk.  I think that is a good thing.  It has been hard though, because I have been feeling the pull of not being able to “do it all”.  I have been out setting up classes, workshops and doing coaching.

But, I wanted to focus this first post back on Love and Logic.  I am teaching Love and Logic® classes at the Well Rounded Maternity Center in Bay View.  This will be a regular and ongoing thing now.  The next session starts up on April 25th.  Go to this page for more information: Love and Logic®  For those of you who have not taken a Love and Logic® class or are unfamiliar with the approach, please visit to learn more if you more information than what is offered in this brief post.

In the spirt of Love and Logic®, figuring our way, experimentation and not having all the answers, I am going to pose a question/scenario from one of my classes here.  You are welcome to chime in and add to the question or your own thoughts.  For the first post on this topic, I thought I would begin at the beginning.

logoLove and Logic® is an approach to parenting that allows the parents to hand problem behaviors or bad choices back to their children in a loving way.  The tips and techniques that are offered in this approach allow parents stand beside their children as their children figure out how to solve their problems.  This can be both challenging and scary.  As parents, we are not always as loving as we would like to be.  I know it can be hard to stay calm, not get frustrated, or not have tone.  Also, it can be scary to let our children make mistakes and have a little bit more control than we are comfortable with.  What if….? 

The long term vision here is two-fold.  One is that want to help our children have practice making decisions and mistakes while they are still in our homes.  We want this because it costs less for them to make mistakes when they are younger and because the more mistakes they make the better prepared for independence they will be when they do eventually leave us.  Two, we want our children to get to this place of being able to hold themselves accountable and contribute meaningfully to society and still have a loving relationship with us. Tricky, huh?

As you will see the Love and Logic® approach invites us to experiment, prepare ahead of time and try just one thing at a time.  We can learn to be a little bit calmer and more relaxed knowing that we can raise wonderful children and have fun doing it.