Parent Coaching is a guided process designed to increase awareness, provide practical strategies, and help align  parenting with values. Read more about parent coaching here and get your questions answered here.

The parents I have worked with either as part of classes, as couples or as individuals have had life changing experiences.  Read about those here.

I invite you to contact me to schedule a free coaching session. During the conversation, we will figure out the best way for you to move forward, either with me as your parent coach, therapy, or one of my colleagues.

How Many

Just You

Together, just the two of us, we will embark on a journey where we will explore you as a parent and you as a person.


Here the we expands to include your partner, where all of us will explore you as parents and you as people.


Invite me to your group. In a small group (3 – 10 people) we will explore personal or parenting topics of your choosing. Go here to see my current offering of classes.


Include me at your school or organization. I can be your guide for a one time event or do an ongoing series to explore personal, parenting, or child development topics. Pricing will be determined based on your need. Go here to see a list of workshops.

How Long 

Drop-in coaching

Invite me for informal coaching at a location of your choice.

Free 30-minute consultation

We chat for a free 30 coaching session.

One session

We come together for one session to explore a specific issue and determine the best way forward. After this session I will follow up with a summary email and will check-in with you. 

Four session package

Here we come together for a month of sessions. We get to explore a topic or several topics over the course of a longer path. After each session you can expect an email check-in and a written summary. Eight or twelve session packages

On this journey we will meet 8 to 12 times (weekly or bi-weekly). I will be your guide for truly transformational change. We will start with your strengths and longings, then design a way to get there. I will support you with email check-ins, summary notes and quick phone calls or texts between sessions. 

all coaching is done over the phone