Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® Class Outline

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent Class Outline

The Love and Logic approach is fun and easy! Using plenty of real life stories, examples and stand-up comedy, the authors make this a program that parents really enjoy. When parents learn in an entertaining, non-threatening atmosphere, they’re far more likely to beg for more training!

This six-session Love and Logic class provides parents the skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about their children. As they learn more, they’ll discover that parenting really can be enjoyable…and that they can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing their children’s love.

Session 1  Raising Responsible Kids

  • How to prepare children for the real world
  • Children learn from models in their lives
  • Four steps to responsibility
  • Why using empathy before applying consequences is so effective

Session 2  The Art of Sharing Control

  • How to avoid power struggles
  • How to provide choices in an effective way
  • Magic words you can use for stating choices

Session 3  Letting Kids Own their Own Problems

  • Parenting Styles: Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants
  • How to determine who owns the problem
  • How to guide children to own and solve their own problems

Session 4  Provide Great Thinking Opportunities for your Kids

  • How to set appropriate limits and how to enforce them
  • Effective ways of providing allowance
  • How to make your words powerful without being mean
  • Words that get your kids to think instead of look for revenge

Session 5  Let Empathy and Consequences Do the Teaching

  • The differences between consequences and punishment
  • How to use empathy and consequences instead of anger to discipline
  • Constructing logical consequences
  • Pitfalls to watch out for that destroy learning from logical consequences

Session 6  Wrap-Up Session

  • How to enforce the completion of chores
  • When I may need more specialized help with my child
  • Further explanation of any Love and Logic concepts