Parent Coaching Helps Families Discover Their Joy

You are a parent. Your work is never-ending. You do a lot more for your children than you do for yourself. You think that the decisions you make for your children are the right ones and would like someone to say so. Though, you do have days when you just don’t know. You do realize your work is extraordinary and your contribution priceless, but you are still looking for a little extra help and guidance because you just don’t have all the answers.

Parents assume that raising children is something to navigate without any outside support. The expertise a trained professional provides to the unfolding life of a family is life changing.  Parents feel rest-assured that no matter what age or stage the family is in, they feel completely empowered to meet the family’s needs.

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When your work with a parent coach you can hope to...

feel proud, confident, and clear about your parenting choices.
help your family to slow down, to be more connected to each other and to be happier.
welcome a professional guide to help you along your way.
be able to appreciate knowing exactly what is going right for you now.


A bit about me:

I am Lisa Reinhardt, M Ed, PCI Certified Parent Coach®. Children are my number one passion in life. Parents are the people who have the most profound impact on a child’s life. I guide those amazing people.  Get to know me a little better.

Are you one of those parents who…

know being a parent is only (a big) part of what they do well?
long to be a human being?
give more than they receive?

My Offerings:

Individual and Couples Coaching
Parenting Workshops
Love and Logic® Classes

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